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Matthew is a SAG-AFTRA eligible, LA-based actor with eight years of performance experience in New York City. He has extensive improv training from the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) where he has completed the core Improv Program and taken classes in their Advanced Study Program. Teachers and coaches of his include UCB greats Kate Spencer, Anthony Atamanuik, Betsy Stover, Pam Murphy, Ben RogersAchilles Stamatelaky, and Patrick Noth.  Matthew also has actor training with The Barrow Group under Tony Gillan, Andrew Wood, and Jack Plotnick.
Matthew's work includes feature films, short films, television/internet commercials, viral videos, print campaigns, UCBComedy shorts, musical parodies, web series, and live improv performance.
If you've read this far, you might as well keep going. Matthew is a tall drink of water born in Alaska, but raised in small-town Alabama, complete with a set of almost antiquated manners, all "yes ma'ams" and "yalls." His interest in performing came from watching Saturday Night Live in his junior high years. He got his start in the locker alcove of his high school by performing SNL Weekend Updates he had memorized from scripts he found on the internet, which was groundbreaking at the time (the internet... not memorizing scripts.)
Here are some things people have said about him:
"Intuitive, playful, and smart, Matt’s gifts lie in the joy he brings to his work, and the room..." - Tony Gillan
"His brand of wonky, delirious hysteria effects everyone who works with him. [His humor] is a flailing, farting, discombobulating sort of rebellion." - Nathan L.
"I swear I have never dropped him on his head." 
- Matthew's mom

"You have such a beautiful voice." -Ingrid Michaelson, Singer/Songwriter (Matthew has video to prove this.)



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